Children are always demanding. They always demand something, what they see on television like cartoons. Cartoons are their best friends in their childhood and they have lot of love in their mind about such friends. Our wide selection of Cartoon Cakes will make them happy. We offer Doraemon Cake, Tom and Jerry Cake, Chota Bheem Cake, Mickey Mouse Cake, Mini Mouse Cake, Donald Duck Cake in Pune.

Following are some small cakes (we called it as Cartoon Face Cake) which requires at least 1.5 KG weight. Place your order now!

If you want Angry Birds Cake, you can find it under Designer Cake catagory.

All the product images are original. You will get the product as it’s shown on the website. Also more importantly, whatever the timing you are mentioning for delivery, we will deliver your cake in that time slot. Minium Delivery time is 5 hrs once you placed order. (Please consider 20 – 30 minutes here and there if it’s getting delayed due to traffic). The tasty cake and on time delivery make The Cake Lovers – the right choice for many people.


• We use 100% egg less cake mix for egg less cakes and pastries
• We use trans-fat free cream for cakes and pastries
• We bake our own products

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Showing all 8 results